Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tool #9 Classroom Devices

  1. When writing your objective, you should determine what you want your students to learn. You need to specify the technology because the "how" is also part of a complete content objective. These engaging devices increase the learning so we should be thoughtful about which ones are appropriate resources and plan for them from the beginning.
  2. Students must be held accountable because these devices hold many temptations. A student will wander off the learning path without proper guidance, even when you are not using the internet or a digital device. It is extremely important that we maximize all the learning time we have with our students. Parameters and expectations should be clear.
  3. I visited I liked this site because it was like a warehouse of many other educational websites. From there I found and Both of these sites had information that would be useful in stations. The history site could be part of a research center. Students are currently expected to do research on a specific topic using a variety of resources. Accountability is built in with the fact that the student must produce a deliverable . I also liked Mangahigh. This is an excellent site for a station as it offers a gaming environment that allows them to compete with students beyond their school or city...highly engaging! And it provides different levels, students progress at their own pace... differentiation! The accountability with this station is built into the site as teachers can view student progress. 
  4. Two apps that appeal to me are Screen Chomp and Digital Dice. Screen Chomp is a screen casting app that turns your iPad into a white board with a recording feature. This is such a wonderful tool for our second language learners. They will gladly record and re-record their mini lessons in a nonthreatening environment to be shared later. The production of language here is what will accelerate their language acquisition. It is also a wonderful way to cement learning of the content. The dice app is just a simple way to have students engage in math activities. "Race to 100" is a simple way to practice math facts with a partner and a pair of dice. For either of these apps, I would have 2 students working as a pair with one device. In both instances, there must be a deliverable for the teacher. With Screen Chomp it would be the finished minilesson produced by the student. With dice, they would have used paper to practice the math facts as they race to reach a certain total.  
  5. What about other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad? Share another way you can see your students using the device as a station.

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