Monday, November 7, 2011

Building a PLN

What points stood out to you from the commenting advice? To hyperlink to anything I have written on. This would let me share expertise.

Were you able to apply any of the advice in your comments? Not yet, I chose to create a Google Reader. I'm excited about the feeds I have already received.

How did you feel about sharing your thoughts publicly?I want to be thoughtful and a good digital citizen. I post comments on personal blogs all the time. I have posted a few comments to professional blogs in the past. Now I am reconsidering what is the best kind of post/comment.

Was it different than when you're sharing your successes/challenges with your teammate? Absolutely! Anything you post is there forever. Even if you "delete" it...

I plan to visit ISTE's website more often. It has some great free PD opportunities!

All in all, I am really excited about my new PLN!!


  1. I wish I would take advantage of some of the opportunities on the ISTE website as well! Actually, you can delete your comments... I think it is great to be able to visit with other educators from around the world - people I would have never met otherwise!

  2. About sharing our thoughts publicly, I share your view of being good digital citizen. As educators, we are role models for our students and this includes being professionals in all this technology world. We need to be very conscious of this went posting public comments on the web.